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    Default Jaxb inheritance

    I am trying to marshal / unmarshal xml and json using jaxb and jackson.
    I am having issues with parent / child inheritance with my xml annotations.
    Basically I want the parent class to wrap the child class, and then the child class will have the "type" decleration.
    "testResult" is the parent class, "testResultQuantitative" is one of the children.

    My Json object is marshaled appropriately: (sorry if format is incorrect)
    Java Code:
    The Xml object does not have the parent wrapper:
    Java Code:
    Here are the associated classes:
    TestResult class
    Java Code:
        @JsonSubTypes.Type(value=TestResultQualitative.class, name="testResultQualitative"),
        @JsonSubTypes.Type(value=TestResultQuantitative.class, name="testResultQuantitative")
    @XmlSeeAlso({TestResultQualitative.class, TestResultQuantitative.class})
    public abstract class TestResult {
    TestResultQuantitative class
    Java Code:
    public class TestResultQuantitative extends TestResult {
    To be more clear on the formatting I am looking for:
    Java Code:
    <testResult xsi:type="testResultQuantitative">
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