while transforming one xml to another, i am setting an arraylist object as param in xsl transformer and want to use that param in xsl file to iterate over it.
the arraylist is of Vehicle Object which intern has object of Car and Car contains its property like make, color etc. I want to read all these property in xslt.

sample code

Car {
String make;
String color;

Vehicle {
Car car;

Transformer tr = new Transformer();
List<Vehicle> listOfVeh = new Arraylist<Vehicle>();
tr.setParameter("myListOfVehicle", listOfVeh);

in xsl

<xsl:param name="myListOfVehicle"/>

I want to use this param myListOfVehicle and iterate over it in xslt and get the make and color of car.
Can some one help me. I am facing difficulty in iterating over Vehicle and then get Car and then get make and color.