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Thread: Java XML parsing for HUGE size file and no root tags

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    Default Java XML parsing for HUGE size file and no root tags

    Hi All,

    I am working on situation where i have to provide best solutions to parse XML files with following :

    1) Size of file will be Huge in future (So the code should be smart enough to deal with it). It may maximum reach upto 5GB or may be more.
    2) The XML is not proper as it has no fix root tag rather combination of many XMLs. (So we may need to add root tag and delete repated <?xml version and <!DOCTYPE ? tags) or split into multiple xml before parsing.
    3) There is no XSD provided by the client.

    Do anyone has anything to share for such problem statement. I am thinking of multiple approach to deal with this situation like using shell script, SAX or sTax etc.

    Just came to this forum, to see if we have similar problem faced by someone on future and i can be lucky

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