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    Default How to extract info from a sentence

    Hi to all!
    I have some problems in extracting the information I need from a sentece.
    Here is the problem:
    <RESOURCE REF="myFirstPicture.jpg" TYPE="<some preamble>/image/jpg" />
    I'm able to detect when a component appears, and after that, I read the next sentece, but the information I need to be stored is myFirstPicture.jpg
    Can somebody help me?

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    It looks like you need to extract info from an XML document. I guess you posted this message to wrong forum and i moved it to XML forum.

    If you are developing this application for a mobile phone, check kXML:

    About kXML

    If you are developing your application in Java SE, check the following API already available in Java SE:

    Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)

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