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    Question HOw to create the user filed and generate results ?

    Sir ,i have to program that gives output by user given input

    for example :

    I am "xxxxx" studying

    xxxxx should be the user enter field

    after clicking the button the answer should display for whatever the user gives in the field.

    Iam new to java so please help me with this

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    Default Re: HOw to create the user filed and generate results ?

    Welcome to I'm sorry, but I don't think that your question gives enough information to be answerable. For instance,
    • Is this a GUI program?
    • If so is it a Swing program? AWT? SWT? or is it something completely different (Android? JSF? ...)?
    • What does your question have to do with XML, since you've posted it in the XML sub-forum?
    • What have you tried so far, and where specifically are you stuck?

    For more on what we need to know to be able to answer your question, please click on and read my link below on How to Ask Smart Questions.

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