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    Default mapping one XML node to another XML node in GUI.

    Hi Folks,

    I have recently started JAVA programming. So you can say i am novice here. However i have been working on C++ for 5 long years.

    I have two XML with me assume. XML1 and XML2.

    I want to provide some graphical interface to user so that he can load above two xml in UI.
    He should be able to traverse through both xml and map two compatible nodes in UI itself.

    Any direction provided will be good.


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    Default Re: mapping one XML node to another XML node in GUI.

    That's a very broad requirement, and forums aren't the best place to get good advice for an overly broad question. You need to break that up into its various steps/processes and be a lot more specific about which steps you know/understand, and which you have a problem with.

    In terms of GUI classes, JTree might be a good fit for showing an XML document.

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