I am using the cator v 0.96 to generate the castor from my XSD, XSD having the following type of contants having choice inside sequence and sequence inside some complex tag.
xsd:choice minOccurs="0">
<xsd:element name="commission_entitlement" type="origo:CommissionEntitlementRequest" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
- <xsd:element name="nil_adviser_charges_ind" fixed="Yes">
- <xsd:annotation>
<xsd:documentation>Business Term: Nil Adviser Charges Indicator</xsd:documentation>
<xsd:documentation>Definition: Specifies that the quote is for an adviser charge product variant but that no adviser charges are to be taken from the contract.</xsd:documentation>
- <xsd:complexType>
- <xsd:simpleContent>
- <xsd:extension base="origo:YesNo">
<xsd:attribute name="id" type="xsd:ID" />
- <xsd:element name="adviser_charges" type="origo:AdviserChargeCollection">
- <xsd:annotation>
<xsd:documentation>Business Term: Adviser Charges</xsd:documentation>
<xsd:documentation>Definition: Details of all the Initial and/or Ongoing charges that will apply to the contract.</xsd:documentation>
<xsd:element name="tpsdata" type="origo:Tpsdata" minOccurs="0" />
duing converting xml string to java business object (unmarshall). it is failing because of this structure.

After that we have gone thru below link

[#CASTOR-1150] castor fails to unmarshall valid instance of sequence-of-choice schema - jira.codehaus.org

Which is suggesting to use the 1.2 version (castor-1.2-xml.jar) for fixing problem (sequence-of-choice structure in schema) but it is also not worked.

Suggest needful.