I've a question concerning jaxb bindings.
the situation is the following:
i've kinda hugh model which i annotated according to jaxB conventions. exporting my model to xml leads to a valid xml file. so far so good.
now the model changed - not only due to renaming, adding, deleting attributes, but also structures inside the model changed. so i annotated the new model as well and everything works fine too.
what i want now, is to get data from my old model into the newone. but because the changes were at some points really big, jaxb can't handle it anymore.
now my question:
is there any possibility, to do something like a schema to schema binding or mapping. so that i create a schema with both models and than write some kind of binding file or configuration file, to let jaxb know which attribute in the old version of the model belongs to which attribute in die new version of the model - this could be in total different classes.

i would be glad if someone coul help me out here