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    Default how to split large xml file into small xml file in java

    i have xml file of size 5mb and i want to split this file into number of file of each size is 20kb so please tell me how can i do this in java

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    i would guess because we nee the xml file to be well formed still ? that we would want to parse the xml file looking for the start and end tags , and perhaps after reading so many tags, cause the file to be saved and create a new file to write to at the end of the next tag.

    The reader might use something such as the StAX API. And the actual implementation depends on how your XML is structured and how you plan to read back in the split XML files. You might have to invent a new top level xml root tag in each split file to not cause the XML document structure to be broke. This would have to be parsed out (ignored) when reading each of the split pieces later.

    If you plan on re-assembling all of the pieces before trying to parse each XML file on its own then you might be able to just use simple line based splitting, which attempts to split the file after the given number of bytes or lines has been read, irrespective of the if it is at the natural end tag.

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    vijay mama hale tak tanu pata nahi lageya kive kare de aa file split mainframe programmer

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