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    Default JAXB - runtime marshall exception

    :eek:The problem is :
    I have to generate XML from a parent class(EmployeeNameDetails) containing a 'ArrrayList fundList'.

    This generic class is populated by by three other class(these are mutually exclusive)
    1. Company1Employee containing ArrayList<Company1FundDetails> fundDetails
    2. Company2Employee containing ArrayList<Company2FundDetails> fundDetails;
    3. Company3Employee containing ArrayList<Company3FundDetails> fundDetails;

    So the fundList of EmployeeNameDetails can contain an arrayList of "Company1FundDetails" or "Company2FundDetails" or "Company3BONDFundDetails"

    So the jaxb is giving error when i am trying to invoke marshall method.
    as fundList contains data of type 'Object'.
    Exception is:
    - with linked exception:
    [com.sun.istack.SAXException2: Instance of "model.Company1FundDetails" is substituting "model.Object", but "model.Company1FundDetails" is bound to an anonymous type.]"

    Any suggestion to go around this problem.
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