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    Default x:forEach problem

    NOTE: I have had to put a space after x: because this forum gives me smileys if I don't.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Here is the relevant bit of my code:
    <x: parse var="doc" xml="${xml}" />
    <x: forEach select="$doc/document/schema">
    <x: out select="@name" />
    </x: forEach>

    Here is the relevant bits of my xml doc:
    <schema name="one"></schema>
    <schema name="two"></schema>
    <schema name="three"></schema>
    <schema name="four"></schema>
    <schema name="five"></schema>

    Here is my result:

    I want to list them all not just the second one.

    I have done an x: out on $doc and it gives me everything.

    I have done an x: out on $doc/document/schema and it gives me everything in the second schema.

    I have tried:

    If I do this:
    <x: forEach select="$doc/document/*">
    <x: out select="@name" />
    </x: forEach>

    I get the name attributes for non schema elements as well.

    I'm a complete noob to jstl, xpath, and jsp, so don't get too technical with me.
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