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    Default Escape Characters in xml

    Hi! When sending an xml string through a web service there are escape characters replacing the < > tags. I was wondering if that's normal, or is there a way to prevent that from happening.

    Ex: Sending <TestResponse><Name>Test Name</Name></TestResponse>
    Receiving &lt;TestResponse&gt;&lt;Name&gt;Test Name&lt;/Name&gt;&lt;/TestResponse&gt;


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    does placing them into <![CDATA[ . ]]> tags help ?

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    If the xml string is simply a parameter then that is perfectly normal.
    It will either escape them, as in your case, or it will stick them in a CDATA block, depending on the tool used.

    The reason for this is that the xml is simply a string as far as the web service is concerned, and not xml.

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