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    Default How to get complete child nodes of an xml

    I am trying to parse an xml something like this given below.






    If I am asking for the parser to get <child1> then I expect the output should be like this given below:


    I dont want to get a nodelist for looping for all the sub child elements. But i saw DOM parser which is used only for getting one by one child element. I am not getting all the sub child elements along with the child element if i query for a child element.

    I hope you got my point and let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks for your help in Advance.

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    What code do you have at the moment?

    What, exactly, is it you want the code to do?
    Because a NodeList is exactly what I'd expect from a search for a tag, which contains the relevant Elements and which I could then drill down into. That's XML.

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