Working with JAXB 2.0 and I see JAXB occasionally uses inner classes when generating from a schema. It looks like you can customize the generation to avoid inner classes in some scenarios (I believe for class name collisions).....however, I would like to totally avoid inner classes altogether.

#1 My first question is - can it be done and how?


I also am customizing the class generation by specifying a superclass that all classes extend from. It works well during class generation and the code compiles....however, I noticed the inner classes also were extending the superclass. Unfortunately, when I try marshalling to XML I take a JAXBException because of that.

#2 My second question is - is there a way to tell JAXB to exclude inner classes from being extended...or is it possible/feasible to edit the generated code for the inner classes to remove the "extends" clause (and possibly some of the annotations)?