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    Default The concept of Server and Client

    I hope someone can answer this question for me.

    What is the difference between a server and a client? Let's say I want to create a java app that works as a service on and user's system. A service without any user interface. On the other hand I have a web portal that calls this service.

    Which should be the server and which should be the client. Or it does not matter?

    What the java app and web portal suppose to do. Data sync via XML between a portal USB device and the web portal.


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    in the general internet, how would the web portal (deployed in a public URL) access the service on the user's desktop system, such as firewalls, private network numbers in the LAN where the user is.

    In this sense, I would think the service on the users's desktop should be a network 'client' to the web portal, where it would connect and pull commands down from the portal ?

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    So am I right to say that a client is the one that sends the command and consume the data provided by the server?

    On the other hand here is a related question. Can a client push data to the server? So there is a two way communication send and received via the client and server relationship. I guess this can be achieve via a server side API?

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    Yes. Just think of http. Your browser (the client) sends data to the web server, and receives stuff back. Most client/server interaction is like that.

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