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    Default XML instantiation by xpath

    Dear all,

    im wondering if there is an API, that offers me the following possibility:

    Let us assume, we have a XML Schema defining valid documents and an XPath describing a certain ressource in an xml document. Is there an API (e.g., JAXB) that offers me the possibility to "automatically" create the needed elements in order to insert a value into the element/attribute adressed with the XPath? In the terms of JAXB the whole object structure has to be build.

    I know this is a quite heavy task, because of possible dependencies, but perhaps there is a way to solve that. Just building a vast number of if-else-blocks cant be the right way.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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    You may be able to do it with any of these APIs

    1) ALTOVA - XMLSpy 2010 Editor
    Free Download: Altova XMLSpy XML Editor

    2) oXygen XML Editor
    oXygen XML Editor

    3) XMLMind
    XMLmind XML Editor: XMLmind XML Editor

    I hope this helps.


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