I want to configure the org.apache.xml.resolver.CatalogManager with a PropertyFile.

I placed the mycatalogmanager.properties in the Running-Direcoty / Working-Directory of the Java Application.

In the Application i used following Code:
Java Code:
DOMParser m_Parser = new DOMParser();

m_Parser.setFeature ("h***://xml.org/sax/features/validation", true);

CatalogManager cm = new CatalogManager("mycatalogmanager.properties");

CatalogResolver cr = new CatalogResolver(cm);

If i look in the Run-Dir i see the File in the Explorer, therfore it exists.

Unfortunatly i always get the Message: Cannot find mycatalogmanager.properties

Does anyone has a clue why I get this message?

How do I have to set the Property-File or where do i have to place it?
I thought the Run-Dir would be ok...

PS: Sorry for my bad english :o