hello friends,
I want your suggetion to my problem.
i am using xsd and xml confirming that xsd.I have near about 300 xqueries runnng on the xml .Now if any of the attribute name changes or if i shifts the element from one node to another ,xpath gets changed that makes the
many of the xqueries invalid as the xpath used in that xqueries are no more valid.Till now it is required to visit each and every xquery to check whether that xquery is valid or not, if not i need to change xpath and make it valid.
Is it possible to identify all the xqueries
1.which need to modifiy. or
2. Which are invalid so i need not require to visit each and every xquery to check its valididy.

or else can we get all xpaths used in the particular xquery so that we can get all xpath and validate each and every xpath against xml.

thank you ,I appreciate your help and time.