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    Default Help with reading RSS feeds

    I'm working on a project that uses JSP. Our project involves pulling in XML from an internal server, then parsing it. I'm not too worried about the parsing of the XML, but I can't seem to find any online resources on how to actually grab an XML file from a server via an HTTP request.
    I think Java uses file streams, network sockets, etc.

    I've searched on Google for things like "JSP read remote files", and the like. The closest that I've come is something reading RSS feeds, but they usually have some proprietary or custom bean / tag library that I can't get installed.

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    Someone might have a better bean example, but the basics look like this.

    Getting Text from a URL (Java Developers Almanac Example)

    If you wish to explore more options, here is a good tutorial from Java World

    Using XML and JSP together - Java World

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