Hi, all. I'm a newbie trying to do a school project. The requirement for one aspect of the project is to create a scroll box with some text in it that is controlled by a javascript class. The class is CreditRoll. I tried to use a small applet in my code but when I tried to validate it I learned that the applet tag is not supported in XHTML strict 1.0 and I have to get whatever code I use to validate. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help. Here is the code I am using:
Java Code:
<applet code="CreditRoll.class" width=300 height=100>
<param name=BGCOLOR value="FFFFFF">
<param name=TEXTCOLOR value="000000">
<param name=FADEZONE value="20">
<param name=TEXT1 value="">
<param name=TEXT2 value="">
<param name=TEXT3 value="">
<param name=TEXT4 value="">
<param name=TEXT5 value="">
<param name=TEXT6 value="">
<param name=TEXT7 value="">
<param name=TEXT8 value="">
<param name=TEXT9 value="">
<param name=TEXT10 value="">
<param name=TEXT11 value="">
<param name=URL value="">
<param name=REPEAT value="yes">
<param name=SPEED value="60">
<param name=VSPACE value="3">
<param name=FONTSIZE value="14">
<p>Message for browsers which do not support Java Applets or have it turned off</p>