I'm currently trying to write a web app to track projects. The user can enter details about the project eg, start date, end date, team details, outputs etc etc. The web app must notify the user of various thing like if a project is over budget, over schedule. It must also be able to make an export of the project to an xml/txt file as well as a html report of project status at a given time.

The problem i'm having is that one of the standards that the web app must comply to is Apache DOAP. This is a rdf file written in xml to describe the project. I've done a bit of reading around the subject and have read about the semantic web. I'm unsure on how a DOAP file COULD be used in my web app. At the moment my web app is designed with MVC design pattern, MySQL/Hibernate/tomcat.

Has anyone any ideas how i could use a DOAP file, any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.