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    Default Creating Java bean From XML File in WebApplication

    I am getting follwoing XML file by browsing in my jsp page,then i want to create java bean class by clicking one "convertBEAN" button in my JSP page.Using JAXB,XMLBean etc i am able to create the java bean.

    But my problem is how to add this thing in Web application(JSP file) so that it will dynamically generate the bean class.

    If any one have already done this thing please help me.


    After Clicking "ConvertButton", Converted bean class should be

    public class Employee
    private String name;
    private String dept;
    private Address address;

    public Employee(){}

    public String getName()
    return name;

    public setName(String name)
    { = name;

    public String getDept()
    return dept;
    public setDept(String dept)
    this.dept = dept;

    public Address getAddress()
    return address;
    public setAddress(Address address)
    this.address = address;

    class Address
    private String city;
    private int zip;

    public Address(){}

    public String getCity()
    return city;
    public setCity(String city)
    { = city;

    public int getZip()
    return zip;

    public setZip(int zip)
    { zip;


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    Why do you need to do that? How do you plan on having your application use types it knows absolutely nothing about until runtime? What are you actually trying to do?

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