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Thread: Compare 2 XML

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    Default Compare 2 XML

    Are there any pre-made classes out there that can take 2 XML files that adhere to the same DTD/Schema rules and compare them against each other.

    For example
    Java Code:
    <student id=1234>
    <name>Joe Bloggs</name>
    I'd want to he able to see
    Students in File1 (the primary file) that are also in File2.
    Students in File1 who are also in File2, but whose name or address is different.

    any ideas?

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    "DiffDog professional Edition from Altova" is a good tool.

    Except retrieving XML data from database it has many good features.

    If you don't want to spend that much on DiffDog from Altova, you can consider using "ExamXML from A7soft", it is also a good tool.

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