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Thread: Reading a UDF

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    Default Reading a UDF

    I am trying to read an RDF, and, following a tutorial I pasted the following code, however I am puzzled at how to query the "URI:" tags, I feel I am on the wrong track.

    I have reviewed some video tutorials on YouTube, not sure if they are complete.

    Java Code:
    import org.jsoup.Jsoup;
    import org.jsoup.nodes.Document;
    import org.apache.commons.*;
    import org.apache.jena.util.FileManager;
    import org.apache.jena.rdf.model.ModelFactoryBase; 
    import java.lang.Object;
    public class parseRDF {
    	public static void main (String... args)
    		Document result = Jsoup.parse("");
    	static void sparqlTest()
    		String path = "C:\\Users\Administrator\\Downloads\\ics_5111_dataset\\ics_5111_dataset\\user_2\\User Activity";
    		Model model = FileManager.get().loadModel(path);
    		String queryString = 
    				"PREFIX rdf: <"> 
    						+ "PREFIX foaf: <http:///>"
    						+ "SELECT * WHERE { " + 
    						" ?uri?." +
    				Query query = QueryFactory.create(queryString);
    				QueryExecution qexec = QueryExecutionFactory.create(query,model);
    				try {
    					ResultSet results = qexec.execSelect();
    					while (results.hasNext())
    						QuerySolution soln = results.nextSolution();
    						Literal name = soln.Literal("x");
    						Model m = Model;
    				catch (Exception e) { System.out.println(e.Message())};
    				finally {
    I am using Apache Jena, and, I was suggested to use JSoup, although there are other technologies to read RDFs that I might experiment with such as Python RDFLibraries

    It is noted that unfortunately it not possible to highlight
    Java Code:
    tags in bold when one attempts to use bold.
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