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    Default Please help ..Architecture Design Suggestion Needed

    Hello Everyone !!

    I don't know if I am posting this in the right place, but this is the closest place i could find in the topics listed in the form. (My apologies if this is not :(nod) :)

    We are supposed to develop a Web Application for EMPLOYEE TIME TRACKING with Biometric and RFID System (hardware) inputs as data to the software. We are considering two different approaches and it would be nice to receive some form of feedback before deciding on the one.

    The important aspects that we are concerned about are Response Time, Workload, Scalability and performance of the application. It would be nice, if someone could throw light on which approach would be a better choice (We would be happy if you could suggest us something better than this too ).

    Client and Server are hosted separately.

    Presentation Tier:Browser Request handler -JSP,Spring MVC

    -----(RESTful Web Service)----
    BUSINESS Logic Tier: Spring MVC
    Data Access Layer: Hibernate DAO

    Data Store Tier: DB server

    All the 3 layers will be hosted together

    Presentation Tier: View Logic - JSP+ Struts

    Business Tier : Spring MVC

    Data Access Layer: Hibernate

    Best Regards !!

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    Default Re: Please help ..Architecture Design Suggestion Needed

    Normally it would be the database that is separated from the Java code as a start.
    Write the Java side in a suitable package structure (with suitable interfaces) and, if it turns out you need to split out the Hibernate part for whatever reason and stick it behind a web service, you can do that pretty easily.

    That would be my approach.
    No need to jump the gun on hardware, IMO.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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