I am making a programing using Swing. I am also using OSGI via bnd tools to make it more modular. I was able to create the first bundle but ran into a issue. Each class is all linked to the first class and I am calling each of those classes in the first class. If I understand this right I have to put each class into its own package, which I did. When I add the other packages to the main class bundle I still can not call something like
(new class()) in the main class.

I am not using the interface method at the moment because I am only using a constructor which will set up the GUI via swing then the methods will be below it. Is this a mistake? I plan is to use OSGI like this:

button 1 was pressed button 2 pressed
Class 1 with main GUI and its own package---------->Class 2, new GUI, new package, its own bundle,--------->Class 3, new GUI, new package, and its own bundle.

I hope I was clear.