I just got a jsp project with struts, spring, hibernate, mysql 5, running on tomcat 6, using eclipse ide. Although this is a web project, it was build with a java project on eclipse and then copy the jsp, xml, class files to tomcat webapps.

In tomcat -> webapps -> webproject -> web-inf -> web.xml
When I open localhost:8080/webproject

Q.1 Why it does not direct to localhost:8080/webproject/index.do?
I saw the web.xml, there is no <welcome-file>index.do </welcome-file>, but it can be directed to index.do on another machine, does tomcat server’s server.xml or web.xml can configure it?

Q.2 When I open localhost:8080/webproject/index.do or localhost:8080/webproject/index.jsp or localhost:8080/webproject/

It shows “This is my JSP page.” It does not show the index page correctly.

I checked the dataSource in ApplicationContent.xml of spring framework does not throw exception with run the index.do page.

So, where or which file that I configured wrongly and made it just return to This is my JSP page.

Thanks for help