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    Default in search of multitenant framework for interpreted models


    I am looking to contribute/use an open source system with similar objective to web application platform:

    Allow business/subject experts to create enterprise web application by defiening simple models in a web browser: data models, object lifecycles, workflow model, authorization rules, business rules
    Allow changes to the model on the fly: no need to compile anything: no DB table or schema generation, no java class generation, no screen generation. Use multi-tenant interpreter instead: an interpreter that interpretes the model defines and dynamically accesses DB and dynamically generates screens. Db by preference SQl based for compatibility reasons if it would be installed onpremise at customer, but otherwise schema-less dbs might do the job.
    Designed for multitenant web-apps
    GUI Both for Mobile and for PC internet browser
    Possibilities for integration and customisation

    All web application frameworks that I saw use DB and code generation, which seems much too complex for above goals.

    Can anybody point me to a framework with this type of goals?

    Thanks a lot for your idea!

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    Default Re: in search of multitenant framework for interpreted models


    I don't know such a framework. I checked a lot of solutions that promised parts of that but there was never a solution that I would recommend.

    Often solutions was limited to more or less CRUD front ends to a database.
    All solutions I checked was building code that had to be compiled.
    There was often problems when the database was changed (which is indeed quite hard. How should such a solution know if it was a rename or a drop + recreate of a column or table?

    And regarding integration and customisation: my experience was that the effort afterwards is much higher than a regular MVC website.

    Also keep in mind: professional solutions really need to fulfil some things like
    - version control
    - automatic tests

    I even created a database frontend quickly (great start: created and deployed the solution in less than a day) when there was a need for a quick solution. But afterwards it was the hardest thing to maintain that I ever had and we will replace it soon with a MVC based web solution.

    I don't know your exact requirements but I fear that there is no easy and quick solution for even non experts (also something that can be hard. Even the database design must be done properly!)

    But maybe you like a solution like spring framework and spring too for a first quick solution? That way you can get a propper solution and you can even remove a few dependencies (so you might want to drop spring too after creation of the solution.)

    Not what you are looking for but maybe my negative experience is useful for you, too.


    PS: the solution I was talking about was a MS Lightswitch solution...

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