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    Smile Opeing multiple pdf files in different acrobat reader windows

    By clicking a submit button i'm calling a javascript in a jsp which uses "" function and opens a jsp. In this jsp i call a function for opening a pdf file using
    "document.location.href". in this i have specified the URL to open this pdf.
    Now i want that if after this pdf is opened, i again chose some option and click the submit button and a second pdf to opened. But right now if i click the submit button the second time, the second pdf replaces the older one in the same wondow. I want that the second pdf to be opened in separate window.

    Actually the problem is that the pdf file is opening in the same Acrobat reader. I want that if i click the submit button second time or any number of times, it should open the pdf in different acrobat reader.

    Please help to get me some idea

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    Default command line

    Try this

    AcroRd32.exe /n "path-of-your-pdf-file.pdf"

    /n is for new instance. :rolleyes:

    i guess it will work.
    i am the future

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