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    Default To communicate an Applet with an application that uses struts

    Hello People, I am developing an interface for an application in individual. The interface is an applet and the application uses struts. I already have the done interface, single lacks me to connect it to the application. The idea is not to touch the model for anything, That technology I can use? I was sailing by the SUN page and found RMI and CORBA. CORBA does not serve to me because, according to it says in the SUN page, the applet and the application must be in the same machine and I cannot guarantee that that is thus going to be. RMI more I liked a little, but I was with the problem that there is to initiate listening in some certain port and as I do not want to touch the model does not happen another form to me to do it. The problem of not touching the model goes beyond being a whim mine, the model does not know it, did not develop it and is what it is said VERY great, would take long time to review all the code to me. It is done completely with commands, therefore to connect the interface the only thing that I need to do it is to create an instance of the Command and to pass to him the parameters corresponding. The problem is since I do, from the side of the client, to make the instance of classes of the model that are in the server?


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    I recommend Jason Hunter's "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly) if you want to learn more about this. There are many different ways to do it, and which one to use depends on the application specifics.

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