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    Default How to get Youtube video link from users and embeed them in your website?


    I want java script which contains a text field and a button to submit.I want users to paste youtube video embeed code in the text field,click on submit button and video should appear on the SAME page...In any resolution...lets say (300 X 200).Page should get maximum of 6 videos,and if value become maximum...than it should go to next page....(created)..PLEASE tell me,what will be its java script???

    Logic should be simple,because youtube video embeed code can itself place video on webpage...but how to get videos from users??? Please,i want it urgently...

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    umairthegame, this is a JAVA forum, not JavaScript. These two languages are totally different. If you want help with JavaScript you are much better off finding a dedicated JavaScript forum.

    A Google search will reveal about 100!

    javascript forums - Google Search
    Did this post help you? Please me! :cool:

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