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    Default 405 error when trying to call web service method

    Hi, everybody.

    Please, help me with following problem, i have tried all variants and don’t know what to do now:

    I,m using the following code for web – service call:

    QName WS_NAME = new QName("", "Test_SOAP_HTTP_Service");
    String url = "http://anyhost:7801/Test_SOAP_HTTP_Service";
    TestSOAPHTTPService service = new TestSOAPHTTPService(new URL(url), WS_NAME);
    TestPortType wsEndpoint = service.getTestSOAPHTTPPort();
    ReqEmployee reqEmployee = new ObjectFactory().createReqEmployee();

    All web – service stub classes in example listed above are generated with wsimport:

    public class TestSOAPHTTPService

    @XmlType(name = "reqEmployee", propOrder = {
    public class ReqEmployee

    So i get the following error: DLException: 2 counts of InaccessibleWSDLException. Server returned HTTP response code: 405 for URL: = "http://anyhost:7801/Test_SOAP_HTTP_Service Server returned HTTP response code: 405 for URL: = "http://anyhost:7801/Test_SOAP_HTTP_Service?wsdl

    As I understood, the reason is that, wsdl is closed for access, and i need to create my endpoint object with local wsdl file, and actual web-service calls should be sent to ‘http://anyhost:7801/Test_SOAP_HTTP_Service’ url. Please help me, how to do this or fix this problem by any other way.

    Every help will be appreciate. Thanks.

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