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    Default Axis2 Web Service with Database connection

    Hey guys...

    I have android senior project that need database service.

    I have researched that i need web service for my project.

    I have read tutorial and tried some applications.

    I did successfuly axis2 web service that comminicate with android client application.

    But my problem is that i need database methods such as insert,delete update in web service that have connection with my local MS SQL 2008 database server.

    Is there a tutorial for that ? i need help on that things which i dont know how to do

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    Default Re: Axis2 Web Service with Database connection

    The code your web service uses to "talk" to the database is the same as would be used for any other Java app, that is (probably) JDBC.
    The JDBC tutorial is here.

    All you need to add is a way of turning your data into a query, for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE type statements, and a way of turning the ResultSet returned by a SELECT statement into your data model. The web service returns the data model.
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