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    Default Can 2 Java code instances run on the same Websphere server ?


    We have 2 projects running simulataneously and we are facing some issues as we have only one Test environment. We use JSF 1.0 framework. Can anyone please let me know :

    1) Can we have 2 instances of the same java code on the same websphere server.I think at a time only one code would be executable ?

    Also, if it's not possible then we can merge the changes and test both the projects simultaneously but the issue is that can we maintain 2 different codes in the websphere server so enable us to do resolve defect fixes during testing.

    2) Can the Java code call the mainframe but be directed to specific mainframe region for each project

    We use CICS webservices to call mainframe code. Can we have 2 links from the same websphere for the 2 projects. i,e, Project1 calls CICS region1 and Project2 calls CICS region2 (assuming if we can have 2 instances of the same java code in the same websphere).
    I personally feel that the java code can point to a single mainframe environment.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Default Re: Can 2 Java code instances run on the same Websphere server ?

    You can have more than one of the same web app running so long as they are called something different.
    eg MyApp1 and MyApp2.

    As for accessing web services (I don't know CICS) but they would normally be identified via some properties (endpoint etc) which can easily point to a different version.
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