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    Cool How to use a drop-down box in Struts

    If anyone can help me how to show the List values in a drop-down box, that would be greate.

    I have created a List in Action class and put it into request

    ArrayList list = new ArrayList();

    request.setAttribute("exsList", list);

    And in JSP I have following:

    <bean:define id="aList" name = "exsList" />

    I just want to display these numbers in drop-down. What should I do next. Thank you

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    Hi ,
    on jsp use this code

    <html:select property="contact" >
    <html: optionsCollection property="listOfContact" >

    Now in ActionForm (bean which form is using)write setter and getter for String "contact" and List "listOfContact".

    after in constuctor of ActionForm write logic=

    public constuctorName() {
    listOfContact=new ArrayList();
    listOfContact.add(new LabelValueBean("1","Printing media"));
    listOfContact.add(new LabelValueBean("2","Radio"));
    listOfContact.add(new LabelValueBean("3","T.V."));


    u have to import package:

    import org.apache.struts.util.LabelValueBean;

    when u run jsp list will come on page.;)
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