Hi All

How is everyone?. I am looking to write a webpage which has text fields in it,dropdowns everything which when a user enters/selects the values and clicks finish should convert into an XML page. I know Applets, AWT are the kind of things which are basically used to write these things. But I want to write a Java File and put it in our SVN so that when a user checks out the file into his workspace and runs the file, he should be able to see the webpage. And after he enters the values in the webpage, the file should automatically create XML file at my desired location.

Can anyone suggest me a good concept in Java which can do this?. This is like a revenge which I have to take it on my colleagues?.

So, I am ready to take any complex concept, but the user should find it so appealing and user-friendly. Can anyone suggest?. I will be waiting for the best answer. Thank you everyone in advance.

Thank You in Advance