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    Unhappy Help me about Struts 2!

    Hi there!
    Thanks about you read!

    I am newbie Struts 2 developer. I am trying make a sample with Struts
    My problem:
    - I send request (GET method) http://localhost:8080/comment.action?id=1 to server.
    - Action CommentAction receive with method execute() and return SUCCESS
    Java Code:
    public class CommentAction extends ActionSupport implements ModelDriven<Message> {
        private Message message = new Message();
        private int id;
        private MessageService service = new MessageServiceImp();
        public String execute() {
            try {
                this.message = service.getMessageById(id);
                return SUCCESS;
            } catch (Exception e) {
                return ERROR;
        public Message getModel() {
            return message; 
        public int getId() {
            return id;
        public void setId(int id) {
   = id;
    - I see message object is not null with "id=1" and int id = 1 in this action.
    - My UI follow code
    Java Code:
    <p>My message ID:</><s:property value="id"/><br/>
    <p>My message author:</><s:property value="author"/><br/>
    I want show But it show "0" and is " "
    I don't know why?
    Please help me! Understand this problem!

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    Default Re: Help me about Struts 2!

    I resolve this problem. Because, in message object has id property, the same with id property in Action. This maybe reason.
    Thanks for your view!

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