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    Thumbs up Introducing Cocoon And Orbeon

    This is the age of XML , everybody thinks XML will become more and more predominant in the coming years. With the SOAP, RPC XML has much to do in the web as well as desktop applications. Here I introduce two XML frameworks which is evolving at a very faster rate than any other web development kits.
    The main advantage of these from a customer's point of view is there is nothing like compilation as development involves only changing the configuration files (XML files). From a developer's point of view these frameworks are built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component based development.

    Both of them use the pipeline philosophy. Means the concerns are separated and is isolated . The pipeline works like a network .Say it is like a multi storied building which has a strong foundation and so does every floor. Hence if you want to make an extension of any floor it is possible, at the same time it is possible to have another building which has separate ground floor but sharing the first and second floors of the first building and having its own third and fourth floor. Like that .:) My example was not appropriate:confused: The conclusion is it is flexible, extensible and pluggable.

    Both of them have XSL to render the view say, we write all the details of the view in an XSL file which is transformed to an xhtml file , while loading a page by the main servlet of these frameworks.

    Hence the working goes like this

    the XSL file has the view components and the pipelines fetch the data for the view and is shown. Trust me by using this framework you can reduce your code to more than 50% ,even if you have no prior experience in XForms ,XSL etc.

    For More details
    The Apache Cocoon Project
    Orbeon Forms - Web Forms for the Enterprise, Done the Right Way

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    Thanks pieceonly,
    I have been struggling with jFreereports. Maybe this will help me do what I want to do better than the jFreereports. Have not had a lot of luck with them, mainly due to lack of instruction. Not finding a lot of help out there for jfreereport.

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