Hi, everyone!

If anyone can assist me, please let me know.

There may be a simple solution to this, or it is just some sort of error I have, but I cannot firure it out for a while now.

Everything seems to be fine.

I have jsp page, I have a struts form. I have action class.

Jsp has form that will do some sort of things: search, edit, add...
Also page has a scrollolling functionality which works!

When performing search, everything works fine: all form's property are assigned values, action gets this values and sends to appropriate business logic and gets back values in the collections.Collection is put into session.

When retrieving values in jsp page I have "edit" button, when it is clicked, I call javascript function with a "key" value as a parameter.
Set the from property to that key and submit it to a particular action.

What happens is the first time when I do that, form's property is successfuly asigned to the "key", action retrieve that property from the form and sends it to a business logic to get searched data.

ALL THIS WORKS THE FIRST TIME WHEN I CLICK "EDIT". When I try to select another data, and click on "edit", the correct values are passed to javascript function, but form still gets the old values.

Moreover, after clicking "next" to go to the next set of records, I'm able to get a different data but for one record only.


Thank you in advance.