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    Default Where can I download AbstractBufferingClientHttpRequest.jar

    Where can I download org.springframework.http.client.AbstractBufferingC lientHttpRequest.jar

    I am trying to get a simple application running that connects to Twitter and pulls out the timeline, but i am failing in the basic stuff. I am using Spring-Social to do that and the documentation says that this code should work in creating a connection:

    Java Code:
    TwitterConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new TwitterConnectionFactory("consumerKey", "consumerSecret");
    OAuth1Operations oauth1Operations = connectionFactory.getOAuth1Operations();
    String requestToken = oauth1Operations.fetchRequestToken("callbackUrl");
    String authorizeUrl = oauth1Operations.buildAuthorizeUrl(requestToken, OAuth1Parameters.NONE);
    // when the provider callback is received with the oauth_token and oauth_verifier parameters:
    OAuthToken accessToken = oauth1Operations.exchangeForAccessToken(new AuthorizedRequestToken(oauthToken, oauthVerifier));
    Connection<TwitterApi> connection = connectionFactory.createConnection(accessToken);
    However, when I run it in debug, when it hits the third line it throws a class "AbstractBufferingClientHttpRequest" not found exception. I have included the "org.springframework.http.client.AbstractClien tHtt pRequest.class" , but I need the one with the extra 'Buffered' word and I can't find it anywhere. pls help.

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    Have you got the main Spring jar?
    If not then get it from Spring.

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    I have the latest RELEASE build which is 3.0.5 and apparently I need the latest milestone build 3.0.6. I just leaned about the difference of RELEASE and milestone. thanks

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