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    Default Currently best technologies for online shop.


    First of all - my first post so welcome everybody!

    Not to the matter at hand.
    I would like to get a bit more into Java programming. So far I licked a few technologies and made some not very complicated programmes. I want to create something more useful and concrete.
    I would like to make myself a little online shop - with a cart and all the usual things.
    Now I need a little help. I don't know what Java technologies are best suited for this task. If you could point me in right direction I would be really grateful.
    Thank you all in advance.

    PS. I really hope this is a right place to post this.

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    Hi. if you don't have good experience with JEE development I piece of advice to try to make it on JSP, Servlet, JSLT. On this technologies is based all web frameworks, as like Spring MVC, Struts and other one.
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