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    Default Struts 2 error : No result defined for action / result

    I have created one jsp page and one action class and add their linking in struts.xml but when i click on the submit button it shows me following error
    "No result defined for action and result input "

    i have checked jsp action name and action name in the struts.xml also and also the class name in struts.xml and class name which i have created.

    all names are correct
    how to resolve this problem ?:confused:

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    Default struts 2 form execution

    In struts 2 for forms you need to define 2 results (or more)
    1 for success
    2 input (that is if your form wasn't valid so struts tries to find alternative result)

    you can define both to be the same url.

    This is all i can say since i haven't seen the code but i think that this might be the reason.

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