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    Default Web Service flow

    i m creating a sample code for web service.i have created server and client separates now i want to call web service through jsp page for that i have used following flow

    1. i have created one jsp page from where i called one servlate
    2. in servlet i collect all the elements from the jsp page and stored into one object
    3. in servlet i have created PortType object and call the method and pass the object.

    is it the right flow to call web service from browser ?
    if not please tell me how should i call the web service from jsp page .


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    I think you can't find the best solve for this task. It depend from your architecture app.
    How you elaborated you want to separate your app on model-view-controls. it is good,
    I would choose this variate too. I.e. in Servlet you invoke remote web service. then you gather all data for jsp and then redirect to JSP.
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