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    Default Web Services with custom XML


    I have to create a web service application and I am new to it. The requirement is that I have to use my own custom XML for the data transfer. However, in most of the tutorials I find online, I only need to create a POJO and everything else is done by the container/provider.

    Kindly help/suggest/guide me to the right resource which can show me on how to define my own XML schema to be used in the web service.

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    I would start by first defining the WSDL. You could define your xml schema in the wsdl or import the schema. Once that is done you can use any IDE to create web-service framework (top-down) for you. I prefer JAX-WS but you use AXIS too if that is what is required. I hope that answered your question.

    I don't have extensive experience with J2EE but in my last few project I have done that and it has worked out nicely.

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    Default web services

    custom xml web services as i understand it means you create your domain-specific WSDL for your domain-specific SOAP
    SOAP is the actual xml request that you will be receiving and WSDL defines the form of it.
    Now when you have your WSDL there are automated tools (i know there are for .NET applications) for java (google them) that create your source classes
    which process the SOAP request that is described by the WSDL
    of course this can be done manually (you define the object and its getters and setters and possibly validation etc) then use your object from your code and output the result you will.

    i hope this was helpfull.

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