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    Default How to call a portlet method from within jsp?

    Hi, friends.
    I`ve come across the following problem:

    I`ve got a standard Spring MVC portlet: DispatcherPortlet, a viewController(extends AbstractController) and a view jsp page. On the jsp there is a jQuery jstree. What I need to do is load some data and append it to the tree as each node is opened. The data should be generated within the portlet (DAO -> process data -> return result).

    The question is the following: how do I call the portlet method that prepares the data and then pass the result to the jsp?

    I've tried to use ajax queries to the portlet itself, but what I got was the contents of index.jsp (where did that come from?). I also couldn`t configure the handler mapping to make it work right. Any help appreciated. Ah, one more thing: it is Java 1.4 and Spring 2.5
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