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    Default Stripes security question


    I have setup a StripesSecurityFilter class which handles authorization and authentication for my site. It works great, but as i am now going back and cleaning up and refactoring some code, i'm realizing it would be great if i could access the ActionBeanContext class from my StripesSecurityFilter class. This is because currently the StripesSecurityFilter class uses hard coded strings such as "user" to pop a user into a session attribute...if it had a reference to the ActionBeanContext, it could simply call methods setUser and getUser instead.

    So..i am wondering if this can be solved by having my StripesSecurityFilter class extend an ActionBean class?

    would something like this work:

    Java Code:
    public class MySecurityFilter extends MyBaseActionBean implements Filter
    	public void doFilter(ServletRequest servletRequest,
    	        ServletResponse servletResponse, FilterChain filterChain)
    	        throws IOException, ServletException
    		HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest) servletRequest;
    		HttpServletResponse response = (HttpServletResponse) servletResponse;
    		if (super.context.getUser() != null)
    abstract class MyBaseActionBean implements ActionBean
    	protected MyBaseActionBeanContext context;
    	public MyBaseActionBeanContext getContext() {return context; }
    	public void setContext(ActionBeanContext c)	{this.context = (MyBaseActionBeanContext) c;}
    abstract class MyBaseActionBeanContext extends ActionBeanContext 
    	public static String _USER = "user";
    	public static String _TARGET_URL = "targetUrl";
        public Person getUser() {
            return (Person) getRequest().getSession().getAttribute(_USER);
        public void setUser(Person currentUser) {
            getRequest().getSession().setAttribute(_USER, currentUser);
        public void setTargetURL(String targetURL) {
            getRequest().getSession().setAttribute(_TARGET_URL, targetURL);
        public String getTargetURL() {
            return (String) getRequest().getSession().getAttribute(_TARGET_URL);
    So in the above code, i'd be able to get the user from the request using the ActionBean's context member. Is this a viable solution? For that to be so, it would mean that the context needs to get set by stripes when SecurityFilter is called. Is this the case?


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    It's good that you are trying to make your code more generic but this looks like unnecessary overhead IMHO.

    Extending Filter is not common practice, especially not in this kinda purpose, because you cannot extend more than once, do you think think it' worth it?

    Secondly, it's not that your class will have million hardcoded values all over.
    Simply place that 'user' in maybe some final constant at beginning and don't worry. You might use your filter class for logging, keep it as it was.

    that the way I see it...

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