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    Post using display tag in jsp

    Hello Folks,

    I am facing a problem in using display tag in jsp. Consider a scenerio i have
    RowVO & ColumnVO. In RowVO i have the List collecton in which ColumnVo object is stored.

    Means in java code i will iterate like this :
    if dataRows List contain the RowVO List then

    for(int i =0; i < dataRows.size(); i++){
    RowVO rowObj = (RowVO)datoRows.get(i);
    columnData = rowObj.getObjColVoList();
    for(int j =0; j < columnData.size(); j++){
    ColumnVO objColVo = (ColumnVO)columnData.get(j);
    System.out.println("Col value per row=>"+objColVo.getValueS());

    But this thing i want to display in jsp & with using displaytag under display-column. Please give the needful solution??

    Thanks in Advance

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