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    Default Learning spring

    Hey everyone,

    I started to learn spring mvc , i'm 2 days into it and I still cant figure out, how does it work(theres like too much info).I even dont know how to make a simple form and proccess the form's info. I know that it should work like codeIgniter in php, that the controller file controls the view file. Maybe i'm missing something?? What should I learn before learning spring?? I know a little jsp and servlets.

    Heres one of my problems:
    this is my Controller file:
    Java Code:
    public class HelloWorldController implements Controller {
        public ModelAndView handleRequest(HttpServletRequest hsr, HttpServletResponse hsr1) throws Exception {
           String aMessage = "tere tere";
            ModelAndView md = new ModelAndView("welcome");
            md.addObject("welcomeMessage", aMessage);
            return md;

    dispatcher-servlet.xml, there I added this line
    Java Code:
    <bean name="/welcome.htm" class="controller.HelloWorldController" />
    And in the web-inf/jsp folder I have a welcome.jsp file with this line added
    Java Code:
    But when I deploy it and run it, then I get a
    Java Code:
    HTTP Status 404 -
    type Status report
    description The requested resource () is not available.


    Sorry for my english!!!
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    Default Hi

    this error occur when your path is not true, then you have to check file path that you link to it. like /welcome.htm and web-inf/jsp.
    you can use from one IDE that support spring to link a file with CTRL+Space, i think you can use eclipse IDE with spring plugin :

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