<not 100% sure this is the right forum for this>

I right now have some code that is writen for liferay 4, I need to get this said code compiled and running on liferay 5.

In the original code it is calling the method getPortletSetup(ActionRequest, String, boolian, boolian) in the object PortletPreferencesFactoryUtil.

In the object PortletPreferencesFactoryUtil for liferay 5, that said function does not exist, the closest method <signature wise> is getPortletSetup(ActionRequest, String) I have been googling to see if this is indead the function I should be using <getting alot of cheinse pages, thank god for google translation, I can get the gist> but I have yet to find any real infomation to find out if it is safe to go from the version 4 dropping the boolians to the version 5 of it. Any one know
1) are they the same functions?
2) did they rename the function?
3) would it be safe to drop the 2 trues and use the version 5 with only the first 2 paramaters?

search terms used were "portletpreferencesfactoryutil getPortletSetup liferay 4 5" it also does not appear that any of the pages have my anser (well of the ones that load for me here) or maybe some one could suggest better search terms.