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    Default struts question

    Hi everybody:
    I donīt understand a lot of things about Struts, for example, I have a jsp:

    Java Code:
     <shtml:form method="post" action="/">
    I know that when I submit will go to the listRequirementsAction, after that I receive in listRequirementsForm the parameters.

    I see in jsp this:
    Java Code:
    <a class="common_link" title="<bean:message key='listRequirements.update'/>" href="/item/;jsessionid=<%= session.getId()%>?target=work_on_requirement&id=<bean:write name="data" property="id"/>" ><bean:write name="data" property="id"/></a>
    that is a link and I understand that call this link and it execute loadRequirementAction , the doubt is:
    If I donīt submit is there another way to assign the parameters to the form???

    thank you

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    .... if you use queryString, you pass like this, so you can obtain the parameters, in other case you have to do a submit.
    good luck

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    Use a hidden field in the jsp form.
    Java Code:
    <html:hidden property="hiddenfield" value="whatever"/>
    make sure that variable hiddenfield is in your ActionForm.
    Then submit the form with a submit button. In the struts.config you have the
    forward go to the /loadRequirement action.

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